When was the last time that you looked (really looked) at how you used your time, either in your job or maybe just around the house?


I’m not sure about you, but I find it incredibly easy to attach deadlines that really are just there because I falsely put value on work for work’s sake.  The urgency is sometimes totally legitimate.  For example, if my assistant is out, someone needs to answer customer emails.

The important thing for me to realize is that answering customer emails is not where I really add value.  

I add much more value to my company (and I have a lot fewer urgent tasks) when I ask other people to help.
When I started my first business, I actually wasn’t too savvy about how to successfully get tasks off my plate. What I did was take a very scientific and analytical approach to solving that problem.

I developed a system for analyzing small business processes that allows me to identify steps that can be systematized and automated to free up the owner’s time.

As a small business systems consultant and speaker, I talk a lot about systems and how to systematize and simplify processes.   In addition, I also bring tools and information that I personally have found helpful that will help you run your life as smoothly as possible.


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